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Free to List' says 'Pay just a small fee, only for successful bookings.'. Need to change to 'Pay just a small fee and we will provide you the leads that will develop into successful bookings.

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  • Chantilly Culinary Studio
  • RoseBud
  • Ashwin Sax
  • LessonsGoWhere helps me sell more and reach additional customer segments. Since working with them, I now have to start offering more classes to cope with increased demand!

    — Cecilia, Chantilly Culinary Studio
  • LessonsGoWhere has helped me find new students in a measurable and cost-effective way.

    Their service team also responds to my queries quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend working with them!

    — Cindy, RoseBud
  • In addition to finding me more students, LessonsGoWhere helps ease my administrative workload so that I can focus more on doing what I love — Teach!

    Many students who signed up for my classes through LessonsGoWhere are still learning with me to this day.

    — Ashwin, Freelance Saxophone Instructor

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